VALLEY PEOPLE (Allison Research) EGC-101 VCA Device

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Valley People

Custom transistor array

Model: EGC-101

Very distinctive if your gear has one or more of these, little bright blue encapsulated blocks with the corner cut off - scarce as hen's teeth!


Extremely high spec encapsulated transistor array device which can be found in a large amount of older musical instruments and general audio devices particularly related to vintage synth's and studio/broadcast audio equipment.

Valley People closed down in the 80's so there is no chance of getting these new any longer.

The EGC-101 is a device which is intended as a control element in Voltage/Current controlled devices requiring EXTREMELY low distortion and noise, together with very wide control range, bandwidth, and slew rate.

Typical applications include voltage controlled amplifiers, filters, current sources, and others.

The ECG-101 design allows the control of bipolar signals, on a "Class A" basis, thereby eliminating crossover region anomalies, modulation noise or gain dependent distortion components, as associated with previous VCA's using "Class AB" techniques.

This is a pulled item from working equipment, specifically Murray broadcast industry audio control equipment.

Testing performed as outlined in the description. Used item, non returnable