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UND. LAB (USA) SPDT Long Arm Toggle Switch 1A 250V~ (NEW Old Stock)

Und. Lab (USA)

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NEW Old Stock

Sustainability is the name of the game! Anything (that has been tested and still functioning properly) should be repurposed creating saving in wasted Ee and reducing the poisoning our environment when items are buried in the earth at the local tip needlessly.


Never heard of Ee? It is a concept that creates a measurement of ALL things (not just electronics) that humans have made and the energy used in obtaining the raw material, processing the materials right through to a finished product and even should include the shipping of the item to the distributors/retailers.

If you would like to know more about Ee values, please take a look HERE


This is a 'nice' switch, a bit different to your run-o-the-mill toggles .... long paddle and there are small square holes in each side. Why is this good? If ever the contacts needed cleaning, at least you have access inside to give the contact points "a squirt", so often switches are completely sealed.

Designed and made by a very well known, quality switch manufacturer in USA - UND. LAB


UND. LAB (USA) - Toggle Switch

Made in USA

Part number: B010 10076072

Type: Single Pole Double Throw

Rating (stamped into the body) is 5A 125V ~ or 1A 250V ~

Long arm toggle

Black body (which I believe is thermoplastic)

All chrome finish to the toggle arm and forward metal round nut.

This switch comes with the locking ring and nut

Panel mounting

Requires 11.75mm hole for the panel mounting

Toggle lever: 19.5mm length x 4.5mm diameter and at the 'end' of the arm is a Black section 4.5mm long (included in the total arm length) and the same diameter as the metal shaft.

Solder tag terminations (3)


Switch Body: 27.5mm W x 17.5mm H x 15.5mm D

12mm front thread for the nut and locking ring



NEW Tested

Tested? This is old stock and the contacts are lightly oxidised so I wanted to check the switch ON resistance in all directions - all is fine, sub-1 Ohm (my current test equipment cannot reliably measurement below 1 Ohm with any accuracy)


Physical toggle action is positive and secure in both directions.

Solder terminations are clean with just a light "greyness" from oxidisation over the years


I have now placed this switch into a sealed clear plastic packet, waiting to be "reborn" into another piece of equipment!

NEW Old Stock