PHILIPS Colour TV Pattern Generator (Model: 5519) Side Panels (Similar to Vero)

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Only the spare part described in this advertisement is on offer, not the complete equipment


The Philips PM series of professional video test pattern generators were "stock in trade" for the professional television serviceman from many years ago.

I like to restore dated equipment where possible but too many things were wrong with this pattern generator so it is now being "parted out" - both of the interlocking switches were faulty and some of the preset channel knobs had gone missing.

Prior to dismantling, this equipment was fully functional (although difficult to use with the cosmetic issues it had!) so I decided to "part it" instead of restoration.


Philips Colour TV Pattern Generator

Model: PM 5519


2x side panels

Only the components you can see in the photograph are included. It is possible that these side panels could be used with other enclosures

They appear very similar to "Vero" product - extruded aluminium, screw attachment to the front/rear panels with channels for auxiliary fittings such as earth points, PCB guides.

Supplied with 4x PCB guides and all required screws


Since removal from the equipment, these side panels have been sealed in plastic.

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS dead on arrival