About Us

Time Tunnel

ASIC registered sole trader business

31 Evans Road


NSW 2766

Owner: Russell Sinclair

Email: info@time-tunnel.com.au

International fixed line telephone: (+61) 2 88093595


Why "Time Tunnel"?

If you were a baby boomer and sat watching TV frequently, you will know where the seeds of this name came from

Time Tunnel is operated by Russell with many years experience in the world's of electronics, artistic endeavours such as music, arts, handcrafted items such as pottery, ceramics and in general Russell has always been really interested in high quality old stuff or simply things of special interest such as historically significant things.

The majority of items being advertised are from Russell's own personal collection, after years in the professional audio industry and associated world of the arts and these items are kept in the ever growing number of storage units which he is "down sizing"

MOST items offered are used but carefully inspected and where possible, tested.

Each description gives a great deal of detail about the product and/or it's condition.

All items clearly indicate if they are used or new

Being just a bit eccentric, Russell has quite a collection of unusual music and equipment plus those very hard to find electronic components.

He will ALWAYS strive to treat our customers with respect and honesty, customer service is extremely important to him, a pretty old fashioned concept these days!

Have a look around the store, or take a peek at the Blog or RSS Feed for some commentary, Russell will be endeavouring to always keep the site full of new additions.