PENHALIGON'S Silver Plate Perfumed Candle Holder/Burner

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Never heard of Penhaligon's?

This company was formed in 1870, London. They grew their fragrances/perfumes business until the name Penhaligon became one of Britain's most respected "high end" perfume houses.

I hear you, not much to do with silver plate ware's but this little trinket was a special release product with a theme of the "olde world" (classic night candle holder design) which can also fit a VERY SMALL scented candle (from Penhaligon's of course)


Penhaligon's Candle Holder

All silver plated

Estimated age: 1970's (this would coincide with the company reaching 100 years in business)

Two pieces, the candle bowl (looks like a little potty!) sits on top of the candle holder


Both pieces are factory stamped:







Candle holder has a small handle at the end

Dimensions: (small) Holder is 110mm x 62mm wide x 23mm high

Holder has 3 small support feet (all metal - silver plated) so that it will sit stably on a flat surface

The holder is designed as a leaf


The top section is the candle bowl, which looks just like a tiny "potty"

Dimensions: 70mm x 50mm

The candle can only be VERY SMALL, 35mm diameter x 23 ~25mm high


Although quite small, this item is surprisingly heavy for it's size (120g)



Very nice and clean

No wax residue or candle smoke marks

No dents or scratches


Silverware always has the oxidisation/tarnishing issue over time so to reduce this to a minimum I have now placed this item within sealed plastic to reduce the amount of contact with "air" and slow down the oxidisation process.

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described