1800's JOSEPH RODGERS Nickel Silver Soup Ladle

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Joseph Rodgers & Sons were a famous firm of cutlers and silversmiths founded in Sheffield in 1682.
Their massive factory was at 6 Norfolk Street, Sheffield with a large showroom in London (see one of the photographs)

Rodgers products are easily identifiable by the distinctive "Star & Maltese Cross" in their hallmark, which they registered in 1764.


SPECIAL NOTE: This soup ladle is nickel silver (denoted by the NS in the hallmark) NOT electroplated and actually contains NO silver. Nickel Silver was a copper-zinc-nickel alloy used to produce a "silver like" finish, a precursor to electro plated Silver products. Electroplating began around the 1840's and Nickel Silver generally fell out of favour after this.

See one of my photographs from a very early Joseph Rodgers product catalogue, Note that there is no mention of electro-plating, E.P.N.S or E.P

The lustre is quite "silver like" but doesn't have the brilliant shine of a good A1/AA electro-plated product.

Interestingly it does still respond reasonably well to cleaning with a bi-carbonate paste or "soaking" or a more expensive option is to use "Silvo"



Joseph Rodgers & Sons Soup Ladle

Original product - this is NOT a 3rd party/imitation reproduction

Nickel Silver - this does NOT contain silver nor has it been eletroplated

Pattern: Plain

The hallmark stamped into the back of the ladle is pretty standard for a Rodgers product of this period

C RODGERS NS (Star) (Maltese Cross)joseph-rodgers-star-cross-hallmark.jpg

Date is ESTIMATED to be between 1811 & 1860

The first letter, before RODGERS in the hallmark stamp appears to indicate 1811 as C was a Sheffield date stamp from that year.

Length of the handle is 9" (230mm)

Ladle bowl is 4" (100mm) wide (oval shape)

Weight: 160g




Medium lustre all over, slightly less so on the underneath of the ladle bowl.

NO marks or engraving other than the hallmark stamp

SPECIAL NOTE: The handle has at some time suffered a slight bending! I have included a side photograph to show the extent of the bend that has occurred. No damage to the finish around the bend area and no metallic stress showing.


Special mention is made of this bowl, this is where all the "action" took place and after 150+ years of use you should be realistic - it is not pristine!

Top/inside has a nice bright lustre. A few small, light oxidisation spots - these appear to be surface only. The finish has what appears to be cleaning marks, something like might occur when the bowl has been cleaned with a scourer. These are not serious at all but if you look closely they can be seen.

Bowl underneath has a lesser lustre but still remains a silver colour but tending towards a light "gun-metal grey", no "bleeding" of colours has occurred. There are a couple of medium sized, medium darkness oxidisation spots but again, not serious.


Although this ladle has no Silver metal content, just to reduce any future oxidisation of the surfaces I have now sealed this soup ladle within airtight plastic.

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described