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We are cleaning out our "overgrown" collection of UK (mainly) chinaware because we have quality chinaware coming out of our ears!

We have collected quite a bit of Wedgwood over the years but we prefer "old" Wedgwood and in particular Jasperware. As often happens, our friends heard we collected such things and this Wedgwood boxed set of teacups/saucers was gifted to us a long time ago .... of course we graciously accepted it but oh dear, it is so "young" and not really the type of chinaware we collect.

You could say "it's not really our cuppa of tea"

Off it went to be stored safely (or so we thought) under the house in the basement but unknown to us, at some stage snails had a "go" at the box (primarily one end - see the photographs)

We hope there is someone who may appreciate this "Celebration release" of Wedgwood but doesn't mind the box condition (probably not a good idea to give it as a gift!)

The chinaware is absolutely unused and has never been on display here .... poor old Wedgwood, sitting in the dark with only the snails for it's friend ...



WEDGWOOD - Twin Teacup & Saucer Set

Series: Celebration Of The Millennium

Teacup Set (2) 20th Century

Wedgwood part number: 50182509200

Made in England (NOT a third party such as China!)

Released to the market in 1999

The original outer Blue box from Wedgwood is included but it does have light snail damage!

Inside the box is the two sets of teacup and saucer, pristine condition

The original paperwork that came inside the box is NOT included, that seems to have been lost in the mists of time!

Each saucer has identical artwork, featuring dominantly the Sun (Sol) 

The straight sided teacups (more like a mug than a cup) do differ from each other however .... featuring graphics of The Beatles, Television cameraman, Olympics and so much more.

All artwork is transfer-ware



Wedgwood outer Blue box is in reasonable condition although snails have had some "lunch" at one end in particular

Inside is untouched by the snails!



NO chips

NO discolouration

NO cracks

NO damage to the artwork

These teacups and saucers have been completely untouched except today when the photographs were taken.


NOTE: Although the outer box is large (which means shipping could be expensive as Post and Couriers use not only the physical weight but also the physical size to determine their charges) the maximum it will cost to ship is $9 Australia wide  because of my shipping policies i.e orders over $30 pay a fixed amount of $9 for standard shipping anywhere within Australia.

USED Exactly as described