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Pop Rock - TONI CHILDS Union (Special Tour Souvenir Edition) NZ Vinyl 1988

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Toni Childs is an American songwriter/singer who moved to Australia in 2012

This album was her debut, pop rock with a strong African percussion influence


This limited edition album was promoted as her special tour edition. In fact all the record company has done is create a new outer cardboard cover into which the original album cover fits - that's it. It reminds me of that skit from Monty Python where Eric Idle says "'The Cherry Orchard' by Anton Chekov adapted for radio by putting it onto a piece of wood and banging a few nails through it ..." To make this a "special souvenir tour edition", all A & M did was fit another cover over the original cover.

This is definitely the NZ release of the album, Toni Childs performed (on tour) at The Supertop in Auckland on April 8th 1989


Toni Childs - Union (Limited Tour Edition)

A & M Records

Cat# TVL 93284

Matrix codes: (etched) DMX-70227 WRA4, DMX-70228 WRA4


Australian made but this is the NZ release, based on the matrix codes

Special Tour outer cover, regular "Union" inner cover and the single page photograph/lyric sheet are all in excellent condition. There is no writing, no marks, no seam splits or tearing.

New inner plastic sleeve

Vinyl is in excellent condition, inspected under a white halogen light source and I can see no scratches/marks on either side. I then played the entire album, surface noise is not an issue at all and neither are clicks/pops - this is one great album and a very good playback.

New outer protective sleeve

Tracks: Don't Walk Away, Walk And Talk Like Angels, Stop Your Fussin, Dreamer, Let The Rain Come Down, Zimbabwae, Hush, Tin Drum, Where's The Ocean





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