Folk Rock - Cindy Lee BerryHill Naked Movie Star Vinyl 1989

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Great music, starts of as pretty traditional folk rock but then on side B she shifts into some very interesting experimental folk rock - particularly "What's Wrong With Me"

Another interesting track (in a weird, prophetic way) is the song "Trump" - keep in mind that she wrote/recorded this song almost 30 years before Trump became President of United States.


Cindy Lee Berryhill - Naked Movie Star
Rhino Records

Cat# RHI 793069


Cover is in excellent condition, includes the inner printed sleeve

Clear plastic inner sleeve

Vinyl is in very good condition, inspected under a white halogen light source and I can see a couple of very light scratches on both sides, so I have played the entire album - no significant issues with surface noise - a couple of clicks (very short duration) on each side but that's all.

Tracks: Me Steve Kirk And Keith, Old Trombone Routine, Supernatural Fact, Indirectly Yours, Trump, 12 Dollar Motel, Turn Off The Century, What's Wrong With Me, Yipee, Baby Should I Have The Baby?

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described

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