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Blues Psych Rock - STEPPENWOLF Live Vinyl 1970

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Classic band from the 1970's with great songs in this performance such as Magic Carpet Ride, Born To Be Wild

Iconic band of the psych 70's performing various songs from live performances in 1970


NOTE: There were many variations of this album, depending upon the country of release. This Australian release does not have the songs "Monster" nor "Power Play"

On the rear cover you can see where the record label has simply blacked out those song titles in the track list.


Steppenwolf - Live
Stateside - EMI Records

Cat# SOSL 5029


Australian release

Cover is in very good condition, no tears, no writing, light edge wear from normal handling and no seam splits.

Manufacturing text error: the song Corina-Corina is correct on the record label but incorrectly spelt on the rear track listing

New inner plastic sleeve



Normally I would dump a record with such a serious surface click issue but this is the only copy I have and it is just such great music (in my opinion)

Vinyl media is in good condition, inspected under a white halogen light source and I can see just a couple of very light -  light scratches and a couple of medium scratches. I then played the entire album and although this is great music, there are issues ...

Side A Track 1 - Track 2 interspace area - this is where Sookie Sookie has finished, the crowd applauds and then there is a total of 9 really decent "thumps" (i.e 9 revolutions = a short but medium scratch) but it is such that it is clearly audible. I examined the area with a microscope and it doesn't look very bad but it is certainly audible!

If you are quick, you can lift the tonearm and move over this area but in any case, watch out here - both for your ears and the styli tip!

Side A Track 2 - majority of the track is fine, then there is an instrumental section towards the end of the song (keyboards/lead guitar) and here I heard 3 clicks, 2 of which caused a very short mistrack, the lead guitar skips a note! These clicks are NOT thumps but they do disturb the song "flow"

The remaining tracks on Side A are fine - no other issues

Side B is fine on ALL tracks - no issues at all

In summary, although the first tracks have a couple of issues, overall this album is a really good play - love the bluesy/psych rock produced by this band

New outer protective sleeve

Tracks: Sookie Sookie, Don't Step On The Grass Sam, Tighten Up Your Wig, Hey Lawdy Mama, Magic Carpet Ride, The Pusher, Corina-Corina, Twisted, From Here To There Eventually, Draft Resister, Born To Be Wild

Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product