1970's Telco Equipment Dual Switch & Indicator Module (ex PMG)

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For old telecommunications equipment restoration or possibly adaptable for a custom project

Brand new but old 1970's stock from PMG (then became Telecom and now Telstra)

Dual Switch & Indicator Assembly

Metal & plastic construction

One half of the assembly is the indicators, two wedge base lamps can be fitted (no front bezel) NO lamps supplied are supplied though. However I do have a large number of brand new 725 wedge lamps (filament) to suit these lamp fittings - these #725 lamps are advertised separately.

The lamp holder power connectors are terminated in solder tag terminals at the rear

The dual indicator lamp assembly has no physical interlocking with the dual switch assembly.

The other half of the assembly is a set of two leaf switches, these are double pole/double throw EACH and again are terminated in solder tag terminals at the rear. There is no physical interlocking between the two switches, they work independantly of each other with no electrical common points.

These would have been switching 50V DC telco circuits - NOT FOR USE ON 240V AC MAINS SUPPLY!

The physical operation of the leaf switches is a bit unusual. The white plastic circle has a slot and when turned clockwise through 45 degrees, the switch operates and is locked in position. Turn the white disc counter-clockwise 45 degrees and the switch is back at the original position.

The only indicator of the switch "state" is the location of the slot on the white disc.

Part number on the side of the assembly is

RNR 507701/31 78 26

The leaf switch contact points appear to be silver plated (not gold).

Each assembly measures 26mm x 29mm x 81mm length

Two assembly mounting holes (threaded) on ONE SIDE only

It is not be possible to pull the assembly apart, it appears to have been "pressed" together.

All assemblies I have available are brand new, old stock and all terminals/solder tags remain bright and shiny.

Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product