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SYLVANIA (Japan) Blue Top Projector Lamp 250V 500W NEW Old Stock


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My primary interests have always been electronics and the 'the arts' and more specifically, music, artwork and hand crafted/decorated chinaware's.

I have never really taken to film and am not a film enthusiast but an associate has asked me to find new owners for THEIR large collection of photographic and film items ... this is one of those items.

While the world of 8mm/Super 8mm/16mm is not my area of expertise, I am learning fast! and my training in electronics helps too!


If this lamp is of interest to you, it is up to you to establish that this is the correct lamp for your projector


SYLVANIA - Film Projector lamp

Made in Japan

Circa 1980's (not sure about this)

Type: hanging filament

Part # SYL-180 G.17q

250V 500W

NEW in the original box, sitting inside wrapped in old bubblewrap



Old Spare Stock

Packaging is all very clean

Outside of the box is clean

I have opened the box to check the contents ...

I have checked the lamp, both physically and electrically

The Champagne Gold base and four pins are all undamaged and clean.

The DC resistance (COLD) is measured at 9 Ohm, all good. My only intention here was to check there was no "open circuit"


To maintain the current condition of this lamp, I have now sealed the original packet within an additional clear plastic packet.


I am not a shop, there will be no further ongoing supply of these lamps - once the stock has found new homes, there will be no more

NEW Old Stock