Ex W&G (Germany) Professional Collet 23mm Knob (Grey 1/4" Shaft)

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Collet knobs are an excellent alternative to the grub screw type of securing system for knobs.

Commonly found in professional equipment, once tightened they do not let go!


Ex Wandel & Goltermann test equipment (now obsolete)

Grey/Green knob - shaped for easy finger control (high central section)

Dimensions: 23mm diameter x 15mm high

Brass collet

White recessed pointer line down one side



Excellent - clean and ready to re-use



No need to have a flat sided shaft, these grip all around the shaft so they are often used with round shafts.

No grub screws or "push on"

How to access the securing mechanism

Flip off the top cap, unscrew the central bolt (slot head) and the knob releases from the shaft

Installation is the reverse procedure

All metal grip mechanism (brass)

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described