Fibre Optic Patch Panel Components

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Original equipment manufacturer is Advanced Fibre Optics Australia

Actually based on Fibrenet components from Italy (

The complete system, if fully loaded, has the capability of providing 72 ports at the front panel

It has 6 fibre splice trays - Fibrenet

Each splice tray can manage 24 ports - actually only 12 are used in each tray.

The system has been arranged so that a 12 core fibre cable comes into the system from an external source.

This 12 core fibre is then spliced at the tray and bought out to 6 x 2 front panel ports

I believe this is multi-mode fibre, not single mode. There is no ID markings on the fibre cable at all

MOST of the ports have the dust covers fitted, but not all.

24 ports have no fibre fitted to them, they are blanks - so this means there are 2 splice trays with no fiber on them and 4x 6 fibre ports with NO fibre cabling at all - ready to fit your own fibre, although of course you can easily use all of the 72 ports with new cabling.

The case is still complete with the bindings for the fibre cable.

All fibre cable from the tray to the ports has been checked for damage, none at all. Of course the "lead in" 12 core fibre cable will need to be changed/spliced at the tray as it has simply been cut at one end.

If this description seems confusing/unclear then please note the photographs - they show EVERYTHING that is on offer

This equipment is offered as spare parts or for experimentation

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable