PANASONIC VHS VCR Model: NV-J700-HD (Spare Part) - 2x Base Feet

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Yes, these plastic feet are from a dated Panasonic VHS record/playback machine but some of these machines are still in use today, although mainly to play back old historic/family tapes or simply as a "museum piece"

Unlikely to suit other equipment, Panasonic or otherwise, because these look to be custom made for Panasonic to suit only this machine.

Panasonic VHS Video Record/Playback machine (SPARE PART ONLY)

Model: NV-J700-HD

Part: 2x circular base feet (gold central area metal trim)

38mm diameter x 5mm height

Clips are 10mm apart and the "tongue" extends a further 5mm into the base of the machine.

"Clip on" attachment to the machine base, 2 plastic clips on each foot.



Excellent. No damage to the plastic, both clips strong and no cracks

Gold coloured metal trim is clean and undamaged


Stored and supplied in sealed plastic to maintain their condition.


As described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described