Retro ERO (German) MKT Capacitor 10uF 100V 10% USED

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Ex obsolete (no longer has a useful purpose) W & G DLM-1 Data Test Equipment

The DLM-1 is very typical German professional equipment and uses top class German made components, high specifications and designed/built for reliable operation but alas, there is no market for this equipment (analog fixed frequency 1Khz & 2Khz data send/receive test meter) so I have salvaged what I feel may be components of interest/use for a restoration project or home-brewer.

W&G produced some fantastic audio analysis equipment (in fact they produced a lot of very good test equipment) but the DLM-1 really has no real use outside of the retro telecommunications fields.

Prior to dismantling, the DLM-1 was working as it should but I felt no-one would require its capabilities so it has been parted out - think of the old DLM-1 as a mini component "farm"

Some components I am still able to test but unfortunately a lot of my test equipment has found new homes (stupid me for selling them!) so I do NOT have an L-R-C meter to check the current value or leakage - but I can say that these ERO capacitors are still highly regarded as reliable, even after all these years.


So who is/was ERO? The company behind the market brand was Roederstein, they started manufacturing capacitors way back in 1925 and were based in Berlin. In the early 1990's, Roederstein was acquired by Vishay - no more ERO but their product range lives on and even today you can purchase "modern" MKT1813's.


ERO (Roederstein) Germany

Type MKT1813

Circa 1980's - 1990's

Metallized polyester film

Axial package

10uF 100V 10% (-40 ~ +100 Celsius)



Untested (see above - my test equipment has all but gone now!) however the equipment it was removed from was fully functioning.

Leads at each end are a MINIMUM of 6mm (straight off the PCB) and up to 40mm (long reach on the PCB - totally useable, especially in point-to-point wiring such as speaker cross-over networks etc


Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product