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GE INTERLOGIX Model: SVC NX-108 8 Zone LED Code Pad NEW Unused Old Stock

GE Interlogix

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We bought this code pad quite a while back, along with the NX-4 main unit and a number of other accessories but instead we decided upon installing a completely different system more suited to our needs, all the NX-4 gear was put aside in the "hmmmm, maybe we can use that later" area of the workshops but well .... it never happened and it is time to see if anyone else can make use of this LED Code Pad for the NX-4/NX-8 alarm systems.

While "dated" by today's standards, this code pad in conjuction with the NX-4/8 alarm system would still be useful where protection of a "special area" such as the garage, workshop or "shack" is needed but without spending big dollars.


This NX-108 Code Pad is  BRAND NEW AND UNUSED - Ready to use


This advertisement is for the Code Pad ONLY, yes we do have the main unit HERE and accessories such as Sirens, Horns, IR Movement detectors etc .... links to those other items are provided below.

The various components of the complete NX-4 Alarm system have been advertised as separate items to provide the maximum flexibility to those interested i.e some may just want the main unit while others just the Code Pad module (commonly sought after due to keypad damage by the user)



Series: NetworX

Model: NX-108 SVC

LED based (not LCD)

Year of manufacture: 2004

This is your human interface to the main unit, for normal user purposes such as code entry/exit, system status and programming.



NX-108 Code Pad (Displays the status of up to 8 Zones)

Code Pad User Manual (Original 22 page booklet)



Cabling between this Code Pad and the main unit

Anything you cannot see in the photographs


OTHER ITEMS RELATING TO THE NX-4 (and other alarm systems in general) is listed below ...

AC Power adapter (16.5 AC output) I do have one of these HERE ***not yet active***

Audible devices such as Sirens, Screamers but I do have one of these HERE OR HERE

Visual devices such as flashing lights, again I do have one of these HERE

Zone protection devices such as switches, IR devices etc - I do have some IR devices HERE



NEW in the UNBROKEN sealed plastic

Completely unused

The 22 page booklet (User Manual) is in very good condition with no tears or missing pages!

To preserve the current condition of this manual, I have now placed it in sealed clear plastic.



NEW Old Stock