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PHILIPS 5322 105 40007 RF Attenuator (75 Ohm) Panel Mounting

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This RF attenuator has been removed from a Philips PM 5519 Colour TV test pattern generator. It is also used in other models from Philips and Fluke. I have looked at schematics for other Philips Test Equipment, going back to the 1970's, and this component seems to have been widely used by Philips.

This high quality component is perfectly suitable for custom projects were LOW POWER RF attenuation under user control is required.


Philips RF Attenuator

Part number: 5322 105 40007

Nominal impedance: 75 Ohm

Tolerance 25% (as detailed in the PM5324 Service Manual)

0.1W Power dissipation

Solder terminal (recessed inside the port)

I believe the body of this attentuator is silver plate, it certainly looks like it but I cannot confirm this because I don't have enough specs on this component. It responds to chemicals in the same manner as silver and it is definitely not nickel or tin plating.

Supplied with end caps.

Fully functioning prior to removal from the PM 5519



Clean with no damage at all

Standard 3/16" panel mount threaded 36mm length shaft (no flat spot)

40mm diameter body

Input and Output ports are 6mm ID (if not using the end caps, this the maximum size diameter coax that will fit into the port)


This Philips RF attenuator is now stored in a sealed plastic bag

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS dead on arrival