Genuine SONY Power Adapter AC-980 (Linear 9V) - Tested

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Genuine Sony power adapter for Australia/New Zealand

Vintage supply, now quite difficult to find


Sony Power Adapter

Model: AC-980

9 Volt DC output @ 800mA

Centre pin is positive

(see the photograph for a picture of the plug type)

Compatible with a number of older Sony products, check your user manual for the correct power adapter to suit your equipment. Most likely this was used with a number of Sony cassette transcriber machines but it could well suit other Sony equipment.


While a 3rd party power adaptor will PROBABLY do the job, it does give peace of mind if a genuine Sony Linear power adapter is used



Excellent - this power adapter has just been sitting in the cupboard of various equipment accessories I have and is no longer required

Both the AC input lead and the output lead (2 metres) are undamaged in any way.

The plastic casing is also undamaged, not even a decent scratch!


No issues here at all - DC output is fine. Actually for the technically inclined, the output with NO load is 12.51V because this is a Linear unregulated adapter but once under load, it comes back to 9V DC. Best thing with these is that there is no opportunity for switching noise such as can occur with a SMPS.


Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product