1983 YAMAHA Clavinova YP40 Main Board (MH437F94V-0)

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Carefully removed from a vintage Yamaha YP40 Electric Piano/Clavinova - this assembly is now offered to restore other Yamaha YP40's


Yamaha Electric Piano/Clavinova SPARE PART

Multi-function Main Board

Part # LC90270 (MH437F94V-0)

Made in Japan

Major semiconductors onboard are: 2x Yamaha YM2003, Yamaha YM2005, 2732 EPROM (no indication of software version) and an assortment of standard LS series logic.



Very good condition, no damage to the large PCB at all

No damage to the original connecting connectors.

No soldering is required to fit/replace this board, plug and play!



This PCB is fully functional and without any issues at all.

It was removed from the vintage YP40 because the "E" finger on the keyboard was mechanically damaged. This was the only thing wrong with the YP40 but there was no interest in the complete instrument with one key not functioning!

Since removal from the instrument, this PCB assembly is now stored within sealed plastic to protect the components and connector contacts from dust and contamination.



Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product