(SPARE PART) SONY FH-15R Boom Box Component (Head Assembly)

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Back in 1986, Sony released a compact hi-density component system, including speakers on each side - like a large heavy monster of a "boom-box".

This was called the FH-15R and included a tuner, cassette tape player, amplifier with EQ, integral speakers and inputs for external equipment such as a CD player.

The system was expensive and received very good reviews and even these days, 35 years on, owners still rave about their FH-15R's and the market prices online reflect this (one guy in UK is asking around $700 for his FH-15R!).

These FH-15R's were in a class way beyond your average "el-cheapo" boom-boxes of the 1980's, that's for sure.



Spare part: Complete head assembly

Part # HRP101 (Record/Playback) & HE101 (Erase) plus all mounting hardware


The TC-158R is one of the components used in the SONY FH-15R, the others being:

Model: TA-158 Main Amplifier

Model: ST-158 Tuner

Model: RM-158 Remote control



Very good

Clean and complete with flying leads/connectors

Face of the very compact head assembly (both the RP/Erase heads are mounted right next to each other and it would appear they would be difficult to separate) is clean and unscratched.

Gap wear appears to be minimal

No other hardware is supplied - exactly as pictured in this advertisement



I have had the FH-15R since the 1980's, it has never missed a beat but someone wanted it so it now lives in a new home, however I retained some parts for the TC-158R cassette player as the new FH-15R owner didn't want the cassette player.

Prior to removal from the equipment, working perfectly - nice full frequency range response (for a cassette tape anyway)

Now stored in sealed plastic

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable