TECHNICS SU-V2 Amplifier (Peak Power Flourescent Display Assembly) SPARE PART

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USED, this is a "pull" from my another of my beloved amplifier collection.

My Technics SU-V2 has now become an "organ donor" and this module is EXTREMELY difficult to find if ever you needed to find one.


You might be wondering "why did he turn his amp into an organ donor?"

Its sad but after years of putting up with rather touchy speaker select switches, finally they both failed completely (sealed units) so I could only use the headphone socket.

I am very big on sustainability, re-using or re-purposing equipment (no matter how old it is) because a LOT of EE (Embedded Energy) was used to create these items from our past and to throw something like this away, poison our landfill etc is just so irresponsible.

So I have saved the known working and useful parts ... here is the complete description



Technics Stereo Amplifier

Model: SU-V2 (Australian release)

Front panel Peak Power Flourescent Display Module

Light emission: blue/green

Apologies for the lousy "display on" photograph, these displays are bright and the camera couldn't deal with it so I slowed down the shutter speed but then get lots of blurring (even on a tripod) - the point is to show it in operation anyway.

No signal was going through the amplifier, I had already begun dismantling parts and could not "fire up" the channel bar graph displays but they absolutely do work!


There are at least two different versions of this section of the amplifier, this is the version with the components listed below.

Note that the original 2x SVIBA663's have been replaced by the AN6870 single device in this version.


1x JRC 4558 Dual Op Amp

1x AN6870 (Comparator & Display drivers)

1x OTARI SADBG-64Z (Otari is well known for their professional R2R machines, MX5050 & MTR12 but they produced much more than just tape machines!)

I mention these particular parts so that you can double-check this is the correct board for your amplifier OR you might just want the parts, in particular that display module or possibly the AN6870


This is quite a delicate board because the display has a sealed glass envelope and it's only support on the PCB are the long device pins soldered to the board. For this reason I have taken special care in the packaging and it will be supplied in very strong protective material.

Watch out for those display PCB pins, they once gave me trouble a long time ago (display would go blank) but resoldering the pins fixed that problem.

Packed in a sealed plastic bag

Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product