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EDEN TRAVELLER 400 Amp Head Spare Part (AC Transformer) NEW


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I really don't know how many of these EDEN Bass Ampheads actually have issues with the AC power transformer but it can be "repurposed" too!

We looked after bands and musicians as a "side line" when requested by our Audio Post Production team. I have now closed down the business (retired) and I now have a LOT of stock which is seeking new "homes" and this includes some spare parts specific to musician's equipment (USA amplifiers mainly) and this is one of those items. We kept this in stock but actually never needed to change one in the "real world" so that's why I am thinking no-one is likely to need this transformer for their EDEN gear BUT the transformer is "top class" and would equally suit other equipment ... details of this transformer are described below .....

EDEN makes a nice range of Bass amp heads which are generally considered pretty good hand-crafted amps by the industry, although some muso's have had issues with their QC and choice of connectors but that aside, this transformer was originally stocked as a genuine replacement for the Traveller 400. I guess as testiment to the equipment quality, this spare part just sat on the workshop shelves - for years!


TALEMA - AC Power Step-Down Transformer

Made in USA

Torodial based - looks very similar to the Nuvotem series


120mm diameter x 65mm height (centre "donut hole" 40mm diameter)


Open style construction i.e it has not been "potted"

SUPPLIED EXACTLY AS PICTURED, THERE IS NO MOUNTING HARDWARE (Rubber and metal plates nor is there a bolt/nut)

Ready for immediate substitution in an EDEN Traveller 400 (has the female spade connectors fitted) OR adapt to your own equipment or custom amplifier

Multi-voltage AC input wiring (240-220-120)

Single (tapped) secondary winding 120V (60-0-60)

Rating is not marked on the transformer but is likely to be in the region of 500 ~ 600VA based on the toroid size and the equipment it is supposed to power.

The ID label on the side of the transformer is not easy to read (Red label with print that is obscured by the transformer clear tape)

TALEMA (Stylised graphic/logo to the left of main text)

TR-500 21-0030




All flying leads are colour coded but nowhere does it say which colour does what ... but I do know that EDEN jealously guard information about their equipment (including schematics) so it comes as no surprise really. I am pretty sure this is a "special build" for EDEN and cannot find any reference to these part numbers in the current Talema lineup.

TWO ISOLATED WINDINGS (Primary & Secondary)

Primary is a single winding with multi-taps for various input AC voltages

Secondary winding is also a single winding, centre tapped

Based on the colour coding that Talema appears to use on their products, it would seem (and has been confirmed by my tests below) that the coloured lead purpose are as follows:


Grey - Common (End of winding)

Blue - 240V (DC resistance 4.1 Ohm) (End of winding)

White - 220V (DC resistance 3.8 Ohm) winding tap

Black - 120V (DC resistance 2.4 Ohm) winding tap


Red - (End of winding)

Orange - Centre tap

Red - (End of winding)

All flying leads are terminated with female spade connectors




Undamaged in any way - ready to do some work!



I didn't just guess the above colour coding information! First I measured the DC resistance and worked out which colours on the Primary side are the 240V input (highest resistance, around 4 Ohm) and went from there.

Powered up the transformer using our domestic 240V supply, to BLUE & GREY

NO puffs of smoke, no high currents, no dramatic buzzing sounds - great!

I then measured the secondary voltages across RED & RED, 123V AC (NO Load) and I also checked each "side" of the centre-tap ORANGE, 61.5V each side

I didn't see the need to drag out my Variac to check the other Primary windings so as far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with the transformer and if NOT being used in an EDEN, this transformer would make a great drop-in for another amplifier or custom built unit requiring around 100 ~ 110V AC under load, with the centre tap if needed. Looking at the Talema datasheets for this type of transformer (assuming 500VA) it appears NO Load to FUll Load should only drop around 5% maximum and core power dissipation at full load is around 2.5W


I only have this ONE orphaned Talema AC transformer and then no more! Looking for a good home ...

Oh and on the price, our client list price was WAY ABOVE my asking price here but I certainly have no use for it and would be happy to just recover costs.


BRAND NEW Old Stock Exactly as described and photographed