LOGITEK Remote Source Selector RTE-3 1RU Module

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Model# RTE-3

Broadcast studio utility rack equipment

Tested only to the point of "power up" and ensuring that each channel (when selected) showed correctly on the display.

Decommissioned due to equipment upgrades and known to be working when removed from site.

One of Logitek's utility panels, allowing for the routing of outputs for studio recording but in conjunction with an Audio Engine and under control of AEConfig software.

Can be run in Crosspoint mode or Output mode

Device address switch setting on the rear along with two ports for the Audio Engine using RS485 communications.

1RU mounting

240V AC input on IEC male connector


Undamaged LCD (backlit) screen and no button or other hardware damage.

Case is in excellent condition

Just minimal "go/no go" testing made as I have dismantled the Audio Engines now.

LCD display is easy to read, as each channel was selected it just shows "No Inputs" which is understandable!

Utility User manual (which includes connector pinout information) is included and actually covers other Logitek utility modules such as the COM-12, BTN-12 and Guest Headphone controller GST21 to 23

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable