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SPARE PART Broadcast - LOGITEK AE32 Audio Engine Optical Communications Module


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Ex broadcast industry Logitek AE32 (Digital Audio Engine) SPARE PART

Logitek USA is a major designer and manufacturer of digital broadcast audio routers and much more...this equipment is still currently in use by many companies across the broadcast industry, although technically dated by contemporary standards.

The AE32 is a TDM-based X-Y audio router for Radio and TV applications, commonly used in conjunction with Numix/ROC/Remora Broadcast Control Surfaces (Operator Panel)


LOGITEK (USA) AE32 Optical Network Comms Module SPARE PART

Designed and manufactured in USA

2x 1Gbs optical ports using Agilent HFBR-5912E optical transceivers with MT-RJ connectors

Part # AE NetA LG-334F

Multilayer PCB and all components are SMD

If is not being used as a service replacement, some of the interesting active components are listed below:


Module is running AE-334 Version 3.41

1x ADSP-21065L Analog Devices (DSP Microcomputer)

1x CY7C056V-12 (low power 16K x 36 Asynchronous dual port SRAM)

2x CY7C09569V-83AC (high-speed 3.3V synchronous CMOS 16K x 36 dual port SRAM)

3x XCS10XL Spartan (FPGA)

2x LVC16245 (16 bit bus transceiver)

2X L8101/D LSI LOGIC (SAS Controller)

2x S2060A AMCC (Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver)



Excellent condition

Optical port caps are fitted

No damage to the module at all



Tested in-situ prior to decommissioning and dismantling the AE32 Audio Engine.

Removed and stored in an anti-static bag.

Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable