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1950's ROYAL ALBERT "Serena" Hand Decorated Bone China Side Plate

Royal Albert

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In some "circles" Royal Albert was the ONLY bone china to have if you wanted to be part of a 'society' ladies group.

This is an example of 'fancy' Royal Albert from the 1950's, dressed to impress!

DLAT Rating: 9.5/10 (Darling, Look At This!)

This is part of our Royal Albert "fancy" collection and we have now decided some of which needs to find new, caring homes to live in! This Royal Albert trio is being made available as separate items (or all together if someone doesn't previously purchase part of the trio)

To see the other ROYAL ALBERT Serena pieces which may still be available, take a look HERE


ROYAL ALBERT - Side Plate (1) ONLY

Circa 1940's ~ 1960's (based on the backstamp design) although we believe this trio left the works in the 1950's

Registered pattern: 839329

Pattern name: Serena

Translucent fine china, meaning that when it is held to the light you can easily see the shadow of your hand through the chinaware

Hand decorated with both the artist and gilder's marks visible on the underside.

The design is very 'visual', intended to draw your eyes to it, yet not assault the eyes! Very "spring gardens" gaiety splashes of colour style of decoration.

Absolutely this is a 'show pony' for the occasional fancy tea occasion when you wish to impress by bringing out 'Serena' for the afternoon!


Pink printed colouring is used for the backstamp except the pattern name which is a pale Blue


BONE (Crown graphic in the centre) CHINA



Reg No 839329



160mm diameter

Height: 10mm


This is the REALLY IMPORTANT part! It is no good being a Show Pony if it hasn't had love and caring over the years. This side plate does have a very slight flaw ... please read on


NO cracks at all

NO chips at all

NO discolouration or wear to the decoration

NO crazing observed, dry and wet checked

Gold gilding around the scalloped rim is in A1 condition, this means no observeable wear n tear from handling at all. All gilding looks to have been hand applied, that nice human touch - meaning that has not been perfectly applied but has that "Hey, a lady painted me!" touch

Flaw alert! I noticed that underneath the side plate there is a very small fleabite (no discolouration) which is difficult to see but can be felt with the finger. So, the underside of the side plate is NOT perfect but very close to it!

USED Exactly as described