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2004 TROGLODYTES By Marcel Ruijters (Adult Concepts Non-Textual Comic Stories) USED Good Condition

Top Shelf Productions (USA)

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Well, this is another very different book that I have found in one of my many boxes of "stuff" that should be off to another home ... over the last 60 years or so I have collected a large amount of 'interesting things' (to me at least) but now has come the time to sort it all out, the last thing I want is for things like this to be sent off to the rubbish tip, never to be seen again.

This book needs some explanation ...

It is a book, yes, but not any ordinary book. In fact the stories are in comic strip form but a major difference is that there are no words associated with the comic strips at all. Makes you think!

I guess one could say that this book is "dark" and grim, others call it "gritty"

To explain a little further, here is an extract from the introduction of the book

"Homo Sapiens appeared on the stage by leaving their cave dwellings, while Homo Troglodytes Vulgaris by contrast, dug themselves deeper into the Earth's crust.

The key to understanding the society of Troglodytes is orgone. Orgone was rediscovered by 20th century alchemist Wilhelm Reich, who understood it as the 5th essence, the primal life force from which all other forms of energy come forth. It exists in the atmosphere and all living things. Orgone is released through sex. The Troglodytes harness this energy in Orgone generators in order to bring light into their world of caves....

Unlike Homo Sapiens, that favours curiosity and original thought, the Troglodytes have no need for exploring the Earth's surface, but rather, simply, prefer safety in numbers."


ISBN: 1-891830-53-8

Marcel Ruijters

Published by Top Shelf Productions (USA)


No pages are numbered but I count 80 pages in total

Soft Cover

There are 7 different stories, told in a comic form and without any words

Homo Inversus



Orgone Generator

Sol Infernus


Novus Ordo Seclorum

These stories deal with the strange society of Troglodytes in relation to sex, death, power and religion. After viewing/interpreting/visualising this society it may suddenly dawn on the reader that their society is not so different from our own!

In keeping with stories about creatures living in caves, the comics are in dark sombre colours, Green-Black-Grey primarily

Again, I must point out that there are no words at all - this is for the "thinking reader" who can view a comic graphic and interprete the story being told.


USED (but like New!)


NO missing pages

NO corner curling

NO tears

NO random price stickers or writing of a personal nature

I have now sealed this book within clear plastic, sitting on a bed of stiff cardboard and this is how it will be supplied.

USED Exactly as described