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DANGER IS MY BUSINESS Vietnam Tiger Hunter Super 8 Film Colour With Sound


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My "world" is 'the arts' and more specifically, music, artwork and hand crafted/decorated chinaware's.

I am not a film enthusiast but an associate has asked me to find new owners for THEIR large collection of photographic and film items ... this is one of those items.

While the world of 8mm/Super 8mm is not my area of expertise, I am learning fast! and my training in electronics helps too!


Here is another item of commercial film stock, intended for the home market in the 1980's


I always try to be extremely detailed in my descriptions and provide as much information as possible regarding the items I am offering, so here we go ...



This appears to be a series, this copy is titled


Catalogue # unknown

Full Colour

Sound (Mono)

Run time: approximately 8 minutes

Released by IE International (Italy)

I had to hold back the chuckles a bit on this one! A super serious commentator guides the viewer into Vietnamese village life and the constant threat of becoming a tiger's supper! Introducing this native guy, complete with basic loin cloth, well versed in the ways of the Vietnamese jungle, tracking large tiger footprints in the mud and the hunt is on! Man against beast, Vietnamese style ...



Very good

Film stock and reel are undamaged, leader is NOT fitted

Outer all plastic case is in very good condition - nice case actually!

NO names or other writing on the case



Because I was testing one of the projectors I will eventually be seeking a new home for (ROLLEI P840T), I ran this film through the projector ENTIRELY, from start to finish.

No film damage observed or heard when passing through the projector, nice smooth sailing through the film pathway on the test projector. Film is clear, clean and nice to view and the sound is without problems.

The colour has that unfortunate shift to the red/pinkish end of the colour spectrum - after some research it does seem that the film dyes of this era, particularly the "home market" movies, become unstable over time and in fact it is not unusual to have this red/pinkish "tinge" occur on many Super 8 home movies. The other colour's are still present with perhaps the exception of Greens/Blues which seem to have greatly reduced - Reds are dominant!


Now that I have had some fun watching this film, I have sealed it within a clear plastic packet waiting for a new owner.

USED Exactly as described NO returns