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A.B ALLEN BRADLEY Type W 5K Log Subminiature Potentiometer Panel Mount USED Tested

Allen Bradley

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Component "pulls" from 'very nice' USA designed and manufactured test equipment

This is a very high quality build A.B subminiature pot from the 1980's period. Allen Bradley are recognised as one of the best USA potentiometer manufacturers, particularly their J range.


ALLEN BRADLEY - Sub-miniature Potentiometer

Made in USA

Type W

Part # WA1G028S502AA

All metal body (except the rear terminal area)

The body has the full identification, including the A.B company logo) printed on it in Black

Completely sealed

300 ±5° rotation

5K Clockwire Logarithmic taper

Tolerance: ±10%


While A.B part number decoding information is becoming a little difficult to locate, I used the coding sequence for the 70 series as this is very similar and was able to confirm all of the above parameters - in particular the direction of the log curve and the 'apparent' tolerance - see my test results below regarding the latter aspect.

Panel mount

5.25mm bushing length

3.2mm diameter round shaft

Thread will fit a 6mm diameter round panel hole

Potentiometer body 12.7mm diameter

Usually this type of pot would be used with a collet style knob

Solder tag terminations to the rear

One of the photographs shows the coding chart for the Series 70 pots from A.B


As this is a used component, I have checked the DC resistance, the taper type and 'smoothness' of the wiper resistance change while it travels over the track.

DC resistance: Track total is 5890 Ohm with 2.6 Ohm being lowest resistance achieveable using the wiper ... the track total does appear to be slightly out of my assumed tolerance value, which I have decoded from the part number as 10%, perhaps 20% is more accurate.

Definitely a log tap, the resistance change is not linear

While rotating the pot and checking the resistance at the wiper, resistance changes were smooth and predictable (no dead spots!)




NO damage physically

Solder tags are clean and ready to re-use

This pot has now been packed into a sealed clear plastic packet

USED Exactly as described