NAVMAN Jupiter 21 GPS Receiver Module

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Removed from a Navman Halo Qube 2.0 AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system - fleet management equipment.

This module provides the GPS receiver and could be used as a "drop in" replacement module or for experimentation where access to GPS location data is required.


Navman Jupiter 21 GPS Module

Designed by Navman NZ

Single board GPS OEM solution product utilising the SiRFstarIIe/LP chipset providing high navigation sensitivity.

Upgradeable onboard Flash memory

2x serial port communications

Typical supply is 5V

75mA typical current requirements

Onboard backup battery is 3V (10uA current drain)


Decodes and processes up to 12 channels, providing rapid Time To Fix, subject to satellite visibility.

WAAS or EGNOS augmentation available

Protocols supported are NMEA & SiRF binary

See the block diagram for the Jupiter 21 architecture


Physical size: 71.1mm x 40.6mm x 11.5mm

Physical weight: 25g


Supplied with Navman Datasheet and Integrators Manual (detailed, including 20 pin connector designations)

NOT supplied with a GPS antenna (L1 band 1575.42Mhz) - phantom power is available if the GPS antenna is active.



Excellent condition, clean and undamaged.

2x mounting stand-offs with screws (supplied in case they are useful)

Removed under safe ESD conditions and stored on ESD foam, within an ESD sealed bag



Prior to removal from the Halo Qube 2.0, the complete equipment was powered up and I have ensured the system could "see" GPS satellite signals - all good, no issues at all (indicated on the front panel of the Halo Qube 2.0 but this does not tell the user how many satellites have been found.

NOTE: The battery backup is a Panasonic industrial button battery type BR1632A (3V @ 120mAH) and it will need replacement, I am getting measurements between 0V and 1.1V across a number of these modules, they are 15 years or so old now. Of course it will still operate without this battery but without a battery the user will lose any setting changes made and the RTC memory.

Changing the battery is not difficult, two small solder tabs only.


Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described