Right-Angle MMCX Male to MCX Male Bulkhead Cable 3Ghz 67mm Used

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As removed from some excellent RACAL RF test equipment, high specification custom SHF interconnect leads which are commonly used in many professional SHF/Microwave RF equipment.


Custom made for Racal

RF lead - internal module to bulkhead

Design range DC to 3Ghz

Male MCX connector at the bulkhead and MMCX at the module's printed circuit board, RG316 used for the coax - design use is up to 3Ghz.

The MCX/MMCX connectors are good to at least 40Ghz but the limiting factor with this lead is the coax, only up to 3Ghz


RG316 specifications:

Impedance: 50Ω

Capacitance: 96pF/m

Signal Loss: 0.79dB/m @ 850MHz & 1.27dB/m @ 2100MHz

Design frequency range: 0-3GHz

Maximum Recommended Length: 50cm

Velocity of Propagation: 70%

Nominal Delay: 5.08ns/m

Voltage Withstand: 1200V DC


Lead length: 67mm

(As measured from centre pin of the MMCX to the end of the MCX connector)


Excellent cosmetic condition, no connector or sheath damage

Working as intended prior to the equipment being dismantled.

Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product