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AC-AC Power Adaptor 24V AC @ 1200mA Output USED Tested

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USED tested

Sustainability is the name of the game! Anything (that has been tested and still functioning properly) should be repurposed creating saving in wasted Ee and reducing the poisoning our environment when items are buried in the earth at the local tip needlessly.


Never heard of Ee? It is a concept that creates a measurement of ALL things (not just electronics) that humans have made and the energy used in obtaining the raw material, processing the materials right through to a finished product and even should include the shipping of the item to the distributors/retailers.

If you would like to know more about Ee values, please take a look HERE


Sometimes there is a requirement for a plain old AC step down transformer, that is what this power adaptor is ... Australian 240V AC down to a nominal 24V AC - no rectification, no filtering just raw AC.

This power adaptor is designed to be used 'inside' only, do NOT use this transformer where it can be exposed to the weather, particularly water!

UNIDENTIFIED - AC - AC Power Adaptor

There is a company logo on the ID label but I do not recognise it

Manufactured in China

Model: ZIA57005S-2

AC 240V input (fixed lead - Australian 2 pin plug, no earth)

AC 24V nominal output @ 1200mA (fixed lead with a standard DC female plug fitted)

AC input lead 1.8 metre length

DC output lead 400mm length

DC plug measures 5.4mm OD x 8mm length shaft

Raw AC - NOT DC, this means the output plug is not polarity sensitive

Both connectors are moulded to the wiring

No fusing fitted

Fully sealed in a hard Black plastic




NO damage at all to the input or output leads & connectors or the casing.



Basic testing under NO LOAD conditions

27.5V DC output

USED Exactly as described