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Vintage GOLDRING Diamond Stylus D.179 SR NEW!


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Yet another item extracted from my box of "that's really old" stuff! I never used the turntables that this suits (details below) and can only guess that this was part of my old stock from yonks ago, I used to sell cartridges and styli but mainly for the Shure range.

Goldring Audio Industries actually began operations from Germany in 1906 and then moved to England in 1933, they specialised in very good turntables and tone arm cartridges. I am not so sure about the stylus side of things, this seems to be a different company using a similar name. I strongly suspect these styli were manufactured in the Asia region, either Japan or Taiwan.

Anyway, perhaps someone is still running one of the older Japanese turntables that this will suit ...

Here is a photograph of the cartridge

and here is the styli outline

GOLDRING - Turntable Cartridge Styli

Circa 1990's period

Supplied in the original packaging as shown in the photograph

NEW never touched a piece of vinyl

Compatible with SONY ND128P, VX24P & SHARP Cart450, STY450, N14S and possibly others such as Mitsubishi - it is up to the buyer to establish the suitability of this styli with other cartridges.

Tip material: diamond

Tip shape: conical


NEW Old Stock

I have two of these, one does not have the 'paperwork' inside - these plastic protective packs are click-locked but NOT sealed, it looks as though one of the printed sheets went astray.

Because they are not completely sealed I have examined both tips and cantilevers/pistons very carefully - all is fine.

I have now placed each package into an additional SEALED clear plastic outer packet to ensure no-one 'fiddles' with these delicate components.

NEW Old Stock