(SPARE PART) BEHRINGER 20 Channel Audio Mixer MX 2004A Fader Knobs

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My previous business for 25+ years was audio post production but as a side-line we had a quantity of equipment designated as "loaners" for up and coming bands/artists who had either struck misfortune (like some "low life" stealing their gear at a gig) or their existing equipment had simply failed on them, usually at the worst possible moment!

These spare parts come from our Behringer MX 2004A multi-track audio mixer, the equipment has been rechecked immediately prior to dismantling and everything is working great BUT it had some cosmetic issues so I have decided to part out the equipment instead of offering as a complete unit.

Also the original power supply went missing so I had to test this 'desk' with a custom test supply here.

HINT: DO NOT PAY THE CRAZY PRICES ELSEWHERE ONLINE FOR THE POWER PACKS!!! $80 for just the power pack is just a total ripoff. You can get one of these power supplies made up from components costing around $20

These mixers require a DUAL AC supply (not that easy to find, that's why the asking prices are so high) 19V a side or 38V AC centre tapped.

This is pretty much an approximation of the voltage because the Power Supply PCB inside is marked as 20V - 0V - 20V AC so if you get close to the 19V ~ 20V mark then you will be fine - current requirements are very minimal, nothing grunty needed here.

Love them or hate them (and some do!), here is some Behringer MX 2004A spare parts ...EXTREMELY USEFUL FADER KNOBS - I have lost count of the times a sound operator has fulled these off and lost them!


Behringer Audio Mixer (SPARE PART)

Model: MX 2004A

Complete set of fader knobs (sliders) i.e 12x Black & 3x Grey

It is very likely these will suit other faders/slider pots as well

Single slot underneath the knob, 4mm length which friction fits straight onto the straight flat shaft


CONDITION (of all knobs):

No cracks

No damage to the bottom slot

Clean and unmarked

Tested prior to advertising This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described