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ADC Longframe PJ339 Jack Socket USED Clean


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Sustainability is the name of the game! Anything (that has been tested and still functioning properly) should be repurposed creating saving in wasted Ee and reducing the poisoning our environment when items are buried in the earth at the local tip needlessly.

Never heard of Ee? It is a concept that creates a measurement of ALL things (not just electronics) that humans have made and the energy used in obtaining the raw material, processing the materials right through to a finished product and even should include the shipping of the item to the distributors/retailers.

If you would like to know more about Ee values, please take a look HERE



ADC - Jack Socket

Commonly used in rack patch panels for analog audio or video distribution

Type: PJ339

For professional users





NO damage to the steel body (tough as nails anyway!) plug contacts or the normalising switch contacts

De-soldered, clean and ready to use


This plug has now been sealed in a clear plastic packet, awaiting a new patch panel to live in!

USED Exactly as described