TECHNICS SU-V2 Amplifier (Front Panel Backlight Assembly) SPARE PART

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This is the source of the white light that sits behind the translucent front panel label


One of the most distinctive visual features on these amplifiers is that NEW CLASS A light on the front panel (right hand side)


This item is a "pull" from my another of my beloved amplifier collection.

My Technics SU-V2 has now become an "organ donor" and this spare part is EXTREMELY difficult to find if ever you needed to find one.

You might be wondering "why did he turn his amp into an organ donor?"

Its sad but after years of putting up with rather touchy speaker select switches, finally they both failed completely (both of them!) so I could only use the headphone socket. The failed push switches are completely sealed, no cleaning is possible and finding those switches is a bit like looking for hen's teeth.

I am very big on sustainability, re-using or re-purposing equipment (no matter how old it is) because a LOT of EE (Embedded Energy) was used to create these items from our past and to throw something like this away, poison our landfill etc is just so irresponsible.

So I have saved the known working and useful parts ... here is the complete description


Technics Stereo Amplifier - SPARE PART ONLY

Model: SU-V2

Front panel backlight system for the "NEW A CLASS ..." badge

NOTE: I am offering ONLY the part showing in the photographs (with the wires trailing from the rear), the translucent label on my amplifier was damaged and will not be offered. This is just the backlight assembly, not the front panel label through which the light shines.

The lamp inside the enclosure is 6.3V 250mA and that cable (shielded because it carries AC power over the amplifier input stages, that is why there are 3 conductors i.e AC + GND + AC) connects to the main PCB points 406 & 407

Of course the lamp supplied with this backlight is working fine (see photograph - that is my amplifier before it had organs removed)


Packed in a sealed plastic bag

Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product