TECHNICS SU-V2 Amplifier (AC Power Transformer & Components) SPARE PART

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USED, this is a "pull" from my another of my beloved amplifier collection.

My Technics SU-V2 has now become an "organ donor" and this spare part is EXTREMELY difficult to find if ever you needed to find one.


You might be wondering "why did he turn his amp into an organ donor?"

Its sad but after years of putting up with rather touchy speaker select switches, finally they both failed completely (sealed units) so I could only use the headphone socket.

I am very big on sustainability, re-using or re-purposing equipment (no matter how old it is) because a LOT of EE (Embedded Energy) was used to create these items from our past and to throw something like this away, poison our landfill etc is just so irresponsible.

So I have saved the known working and useful parts ... here is the complete description



Technics Stereo Amplifier

Model: SU-V2 (Australian release)

Complete AC input sub-assembly, including the power transformer

Primary part # SLT5P187-I (Step down transformer)

Multi AC input selection: 110, 120, 220 & 240V AC (currently left set to 240V)

Includes the front panel ON-OFF lever switch (no knob, this is advertised separately)

Fuse block PCB with associated spark suppression capacitors



Very good condition, clean and undamaged

All leads have been left the original length for easy fitting into another SU-V2 or a custom project. It should be remembered that these leads are all intended to be used for wire-wrap termination, as was the interconnect technique of the day, but the conductors will still solder fine.



Absolutely no issues.

The power on-off switch operates properly, positive action.

The AC transformer provides 6 output wires on the secondary.

Blue - Blue - Black is 62V AC centre tapped (the full wave rectifiers/caps on the mainboard provide +41V & -41V to the amplifier circuits

Orange - White - Yellow is a low voltage output (front panel lamp 6.3V) and another AC voltage I forgot to measure.

If being used in another project, this transformer will comfortably handle around 1A or 60 - 85VA requirements.

I checked all the voltages while "in-situ" and they are all exactly as they should be.

I have cut the main AC supply lead and left a small "tail" so that the connection point for a new 240 or 110V lead can easily be determined.

Nicely built AC stepdown transformer, type SLT5P187-I with tight laminations (no buzzing under load) with a good solid copper flux band around the core.


Since removal, this complete AC power assembly has been packed in a sealed plastic bag

Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product