Pro Broadcast IRT (AUSTRALIA) Frame Rack Unit With 1x Analog (20Mhz) VDA

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IRT Electronics (Australia)
Model FRU1030 Frame Rack Unit

Standard rack mount

1RU Height

Depth: 238mm

This FRU1030 currently has 1x VA700 and an empty slot for another VA700

Pro Broadcast analog distribution amplifier

Model: VA700

Old analog video standard

Input (with pass through)

Outputs: 10

Front panel control of:
Gain & Trim adjustments
Output monitor

Technical specifications:
The input and output grounds are separated to provide rejection of longitudinally developed hum. The input is AC coupled and the output DC restored with options for no clamping or clamping to the internal or an external signal. The external clamping facility may be used to provide correct DC restoration in YUV & RGB signal situations.

The VA-700 may also be used as a pulse distribution amplifier.

Input Type: Differential AC coupled.

Impedance Looping.

Return loss > 46 dB to 6 MHz.

Hum rejection > 40 dB.

Maximum level > 2 Vp-p ( 0 dB gain ).

Output type: DC coupled.
ten on rear and one on front panel

Impedance 75 Ω source terminated.

Return loss > 40 dB to 6 MHz.

Overload 3.0 Vp-p on 4.43 MHz sinewave.

2.5 Vp-p on pulse.
DC level Adjustable to 0 V.

Gain ± 3 dB. Adjustable from front panel.

Frequency response ± 0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 MHz.
± 0.2 dB from 20 Hz to 30 MHz.

Differential gain < 0.1% at 4.43 MHz (12.5% - 87.5% APL)

Differential phase < 0.1° at 4.43 MHz (12.5% - 87.5% APL)

Noise (unweighted) < -70 dB

Cross talk between modules < -75 dB

Transit time < 22° at 4.43 MHz.

Changeable equalisation Standard Up to 300 m, adjustable from the front panel in two
ranges as set by internal links.

Current set for Beldin YR23769 cable


Obviously this has not been used in broadcast operations for a long long time, it has been "many moons" since basic analog video was in broadcast industry use. We picked this up as obsolescent broadcast equipment and used it ourselves for some special video applications but now it is no longer required. Useful where a single analog source (only 20Mhz bandwidth) needs to be available at multiple points.

We decommissioned this equipment from our business and put it away in our storage units, today prior to advertising I have just made a simple power up test. All good.

Condition exactly as described Non-returnable used product