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1960's Australiana BESSEMER Turquoise Blue Teacup USED Nice!

Bessemer (Nylex Corporation)

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'Australiana' casual tableware from Nylex Corporation, this Bessemer casual tableware is from the days when the company was run by the son of the founder (John Derham), Peter Derham in the 1960's. Nylex Corporation actually began operations back in the 1930's and was active helping the Australian war effort (WWII) producing plastics based defence items.

In the 1960's Nylex began their famous Bessemer range of casual tableware products, often featuring distinctive colouring, highly durable and a favourite across Australian households in the 1960's and 70's

This tableware is very durable and heat resistant because it is made from Melamine or as Nylex Corporation trade marked their material, Melmac (®). This product should not be mistaken for the much 'softer" plastics used in the likes of Tupperware (®) and similar products.

WARNING: Best used for display purposes ONLY because of the chemical compounds used to create the material, particularly when heated. Take a look HERE to find out the coloured history of Melamine plastics.

The colour of this item of Bessemer is Turquoise Blue. Depending upon the ambient lighting it is either a soft, pastel Green Blue (Turquoise) or it can also appear to be a pale Sky Blue (Turquoise Blue).


An era in Australian history that has faded into the mists of time ....



Made in Australia

Colour: Turquoise

Material: Melmac (®)

Design: Single colour with no artwork or pattern. Standard size teacup, not one of those ridiculously large cups!


100mm (top diameter) or 120mm if the handle is included x 60mm height




I have multiple teacups and this description applies to ALL of them unless noted otherwise


CLEAN (Sterilised)

NO damage of any kind

NO discolouration i.e NO tannin stains, which can be a problem with this type of melamine cup when used with tea (which contains tannin)

NO surface marks

NO scratching of any significance

I notice a 'join' down each side of every teacup, it appears these were manufactured by press moulding and the join is as a result of the manufacturing process.


A very nice example of Bessemer Australiana and if you would like to see other Bessemer products that we currently have from the same set, take a look HERE

USED Exactly as described