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EUMIG S934 Automix Super 8 Sound Film Projector SERVICE REQUIRED


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My "world" is 'the arts' and more specifically, music, artwork and hand crafted/decorated chinaware's.

I am not a film enthusiast but an associate has asked me to find new owners for THEIR large collection of photographic and film items ... this is one of those items.

While the world of 8mm/Super 8mm is not my area of expertise, I am learning fast! and my training in electronics helps too!


If EUMIG doesn't excite you, please keep an eye HERE for the ELMO, ROLLEI and other projectors I now have PLUS masses of Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm film stock covering the period the period 1930's ~ 1980's HERE


SPECIAL NOTE: No matter what the condition of a projection system, I will ALWAYS state "Service Required" - this is old equipment and should at the very least have a good clean around the film path and a complete lubrication at the rear.

Full details of this projector are described below.


I always try to be extremely detailed in my descriptions and provide as much information as possible regarding the items I am offering, so here we go ...


First up, Wow! I love the world of old audio recordings but this old Super 8 film is another thing! Talk about a step back in time (Kylie Minogue) ...

There is something that stirs in the soul when watching these old films, both Black & White (Silent) and the "colour" with sound - this stuff is just so cool!


EUMIG - Super 8mm Film Projector

Made in Germany

Circa 1982

Model: S934

Australian market model: 240V AC operation

Film format: Super 8

MAXIMUM reel size: 210mm (either supply or take-up)

Sound capable (external speaker optional)

Special sound mixing facilities built into the projector

Built in cutter

18 - 24fps ROTARY CONTROL - NOT a switch, so the user can vary the fps within the range 18 ~ 24fps

Lamp: 12V 100W


I am offering the following equipment with this projector::

EUMIG S934 Automix

EUMIG accessory pack (sits inside the top compartment of the projector)

Black cover - NOT a EUMIG product, in fact it is a MINOLTA


Although I will often have them listed separately, there will be NO instruction manual, take-up reel or test film supplied with this projector - they are separate items


I know from my associate that this equipment was kept in a cool, dry place in their "projection area" and a visual inspection confirms the condition is very good.


Not scratched at all

All knobs are present

All labelling is clear and not worn

The MINOLTA Black vinyl cover is in fair condition, clean but it has a couple of seam tears - it does the job of keeping out dirt and dust though!

Visually, this projector looks really nice ... now lets see how it performs



Now I am a novice to the world of Super 8 so I had a steep learning curve, for example I soon learned that the shape of the cut on the leader is extremely important, in fact critical! If it isn't the nice "half moon" shape, the film is likely not to auto feed properly!

That said though, with this projector I found it had VERY smooth film feeding, compared to the ELMO ST1200D, I felt this EUMIG had a superior feed system and was not nearly so "touchy" about the shape of the leader end section.

ISSUE: Power On-Off slide switch is "stuck" in the ON position! It seems to be a mechanical issue but I have not attempted to fix it. For me this was not a big issue, you just cannot turn off the projector with this switch!

Nice quiet running, for a film projector that is (I guess you get used to that constant click click click click as the film goes through the sprockets)

Rubber belt(s) all feel fine, not stretched or slipping

Projection lamp (useage unknown) is working great, this is a 12V 100W model and I do have NEW spares of these ... look HERE

Sound is working great (internal and external loudspeakers)

Noticed the occassional "click & pop" coming off the audio at times, I do not know if this is an amplifier fault or the sound stripe on the film

Whilst not running a sound film, the amplifier is quiet - no detectable hum heard

When playing a film, the sound is clear and crisp - NOT muffled.

Although all the mechanicals are running fine, ALWAYS when giving one of these 40 year old projectors a new home CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.

ISSUE: There are two discs at the front of the projector (easy to see and get to) that are diecast metal with rubber tyres on one side. These transfer drive from the motor to the rear gearing system. To the touch they do not feel worn or uneven and while running the projector in the FORWARD direction, the film was fine, even movement and smooth.

HOWEVER when I put the film travel in REVERSE the film doesn't move. The motor is still running fine but the power is not being transferred to the rear gearing system. I can get some slight movement by gently rotating the two front discs (with the rubber coating on one side) but I get the distinct impression that there is too much friction and not enough power (torque transfer) to turn in the reverse direction.

Just to test this theory, once I had played my "test session" of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back in the Forward direction, I rewound onto the original reel by the direct path and NO problems with sticking at all - so the reverse function works when the path is direct from Reel To Reel but it doesn't like things being "under pressure" (Queen)

It could very well be that a good lube of the rear gearing system (reducing the overall friction to movement) will solve everything, or perhaps even just cleaning those discs at the front.

Like all old projectors, it needs some tender loving care - a good clean up of the film path and the lube job.


So in summary, the servicing required relates to age not abuse!

It is feeding film, playing film and providing clean, clear sound just fine ... a beauty quite frankly

The slide switch for Power ON-OFF being "stuck" is a nuisance but in my view, minor.

BUT when it comes to REVERSE film projection, it needs attention (most likely a good clean will fix this issue)


These EUMIG S934's are pretty well regarded in the Super 8 film community, take a look around online and you will see a lot of "praises" regarding this equipment


To maintain the current condition of the accessories, I have now sealed them in small clear plastic packets within the compartment on the top of the projector.


USED This vintage, used equipment is fully described Sold "as described" and the full description of items needing attention is detailed in my description NO returns