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1979 THE BOOK OF ALIEN (Paul Scanlon & Michael Gross) USED Fair Condition

W H Allen & Company (UK)

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Well, this is different!

I am very much a technical person and embedded in the world of electronics, where usually everything is predictable. But there is another side, the "arty" part of the brain which allows me to enjoy art in all its forms, particularly science fiction (or is it?)

This is the original UK release from 1979

This book deals with the incredibly successful and ground breaking "horror" sci-fi film, Alien. Here is a film that really stretched the imagination, along with other notables such as 2001: A Space Odyssey some 10 years earlier but the latter film was not as scary (if malicious computers don't bother you!) Alien introduced the concept of the alien being the star of the movie, in all it's indestructible nastiness! Sure it had the "tough gal" Sigourney taking on the alien but it was the alien itself which stole the show. Who could forget that dribbling mouth, the excretions eating through metal and the ultimate in deep throat therapy!

This book is for those who love to have the background information about the film, how the artists created the alien, the various options in different scenes etc


W.H Allen & Company (London)

Compiled by Paul Scanlon & Michael Gross

Nowhere does the book tell you who these two folk are ... Paul Scanlon is an English author and religious speaker, while Michael Gross is an American journalist and author.

1979 1st UK edition release

Soft Cover

104 pages (not numbered but I counted twice!)

ISBN: 0352304227

The sets for Alien were located at the Shepparton Studios (UK), spread across four sound stages.

The introduction by Ron Cobb (Concept Artist) gives an indepth view the film production and secrecy surrounding the filming. The book then deals with the various sets used, the artist's concepts and how their imaginations became reality.

There is no "Contents" page, so you will just need to read the pages and pages information and view all of the monochrome & full colour photographs, sketches and artist drawings so that you can get a feel for how the creative process evolved.




Slight Brownish discolouration to the front and rear laminated covers. I have cleaned these but it really didn't improve the look.

All pages are clean and have White backgrounds with no signs of "foxing"

NO corner curls observed

NO torn pages

Spine (glued) looks and feels sound.

Although the pages are NOT numbered, I carefully went through the whole book and I cannot see signs of missing pages.

I have now sealed this book within clear plastic, sitting on a bed of stiff cardboard and this is how it will be supplied.

USED Exactly as described