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JAMICON 4700uF 100V 105C Electrolytic Capacitor NEW Old Stock

Jamicon (Taiwan)

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Sustainability is the name of the game! Anything (that has been tested and still functioning properly) should be repurposed creating saving in wasted Ee and reducing the poisoning our environment when items are buried in the earth at the local tip needlessly.


Never heard of Ee? It is a concept that creates a measurement of ALL things (not just electronics) that humans have made and the energy used in obtaining the raw material, processing the materials right through to a finished product and even should include the shipping of the item to the distributors/retailers.

If you would like to know more about Ee values, please take a look HERE

Jamicon Al electrolytics are intended for general and industrial use.

Like so many "I know everything forums" online, I have read some absolute "dribble" regarding electronic component manufacturers from those who appear to have no engineering or technical background at all (a bit like the Twitter of the electronic discussion groups)

ALL of the electro's I am clearing out of our workshops have served us well over the years, it is NOT just the manufacturer that is important - storage conditions, circuit design and so many other criteria are also very important for the reliability of any electronic component. Take a high quality capacitor such as an EPCOS, put it in a badly designed circuit and it will go "poof" just like any other capacitor.

Go to the horses "mouth" HERE is a link to Jamicon-Kaimei (Taiwan)


It is IMPORTANT to read my information page about both new AND old stock electrolytic capacitors ... please go HERE



JAMICON - Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor (1)

Type: HS Series

Part #: 016C2 (M)

Rated at 2000 Hours @ 105°C (5000 Hours @ 85°C)

Value: 4700uF 100V DC

Termination: Snap In - Solder terminals (2x)

Dimensions: 52mm H x 35mm Diameter

Weight: 75g



Excellent and 'As New'


Stored on ESD foam to ensure there is no charge build up while being stored.

These will be supplied the same way to the new owner.


*** Where the photograph shows multiple components, this advertisement is for ONE component not all that are shown!