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1960's DUCON Styroseal 0.0022uF 630V Capacitor NEW Old Stock


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Ducon, now there's a name from the dim dark past! Our very own major capacitor manufacturer from Victoria which operated from just after WWII until the early 1960's

Not only does this capacitor store charge, it has stored history as well!


DUCON - Polystyrene Capacitor

Made in Australia

Circa late 1950's ~ early 1960's

Trade name: Styroseal

Click HERE if you would like to read some interesting information released by Ducon in the 1960's relating to these capacitors

0.0022uF (2200pF) nominal value

630V DC

10% tolerance

Axial orientation


13.5mm length x 7.7mm diameter

36mm x 0.4mm tinned wire leads each side


Oh my wordee, this is an old component but styro's are well known for their long term stability so I put this one under test on the capacitance meter ... 2217pF which is well within the manufacturers tolerance


NEW Very Old Stock

NO damage to the capacitor body nor the leads (straight)

The tinned wire is CLEAN and shiny, ready for soldering after all this time waiting in the components drawers!

To preserve the condition of this capacitor, it has now been placed in a sealed clear plastic packet

USED Exactly as described