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GENUINE FENDER Reverb Driver Transformer 022921 USA (NEW Old Stock)


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Ex our workshops spare parts - NEW Old Stock

Not the prettiest of ladies but working fine and absolutely stock standard original spare part.

Yes, you can purchase modern replacements (for a lot more money too!) but doesn't it feel nice to fit ORIGINAL spare parts, knowing that your gear has the exact component it was designed for?

These driver transformers (tube gear) are standard replacements for Fender Reverb driver transformer, but they also can be used for DIY projects as a general audio driver transformer in similar tube based circuits. For example, it could be used as an output transformer for a headphone amp or impedance matching device for headphones.


In essence, this transformer matches a typical 15K Ohm plate load into the 8 ohm Reverb tank input.

Power rating is 3.5W @ 5 ma DC. In Fender gear this is typically used with a 12AT7 tube, but there is scope to use this transformer with other output tubes such as 6BQ7, 12AU7, or 6SN7.


FENDER - Audio Transformer


Purpose in life: Driver transformer

Fender part # F 022921 E1A606 - 610

This part number is STAMPED into the top - NOT printed (if you are looking at a trannie with a paper stick on label, it is NOT the "real deal")



Body: 42.3mm high x 35.3mm wide x 36.5mm deep

Mounting tabs extend the width to 50.75

Mouting holes spaced 42mm apart

Side entry of the colour coded wires

NEW Old Stock

This is yet another of our audio spare parts from the workshop and NEVER been used



No physical damage to the former, shell or mounts

Oh my wordy yes though! It originally had a silver coating (metallic paint) all over the external areas and some of that has substantially worn away - it looks like BUT IS NOT rust, the brown you can clearly see is a dark brown laquer coating - she's not a pretty lady but will do her task in life well well well well


After inspecting and DC testing both sides of the transformer, I have now packed it into sealed plastic to ensure the outside case does not degrade any further

Testing performed as outlined in the description. Used item, non returnable