NAVMAN Halo QUBE 2.0 Automatic Vehicle Tracking Module

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As removed from a decommissioned fleet management system. Most of the AVL Qube modules have been "parted out" to provide possibly more useful sub-modules for other projects but I have left this one unit as a complete, fully operational module.


Navman Halo QUBE 2.0

Released to the market around 2005

Only 3 ports on the module:

Multi-function input - output port (DB15M)

GPS antenna input - SMA female

GPRS antenna input - BNC female

Sturdy diecast aluminium module body with mounting brackets (removeable if desired)

I am supplying the module EXACTLY as shown

Installation manual will also be supplied upon request


I will NOT be supplying:

GPS antenna

Telephone network antenna

SIM card (full size)

Interconnect cable for the DB15-M


In brief, this module receives location data via the GPS satellite system, it uses the Navman Jupiter 21 chip with 12 channel capability

This navigational data, along with local inputs (digital and analog) is processed by the main board and then sent to the users remote location via the mobile telephone network

There is a sub-board in the module fitted with a full size SIM socket (Wavecom GR64) and the output from the GR64 is taken to a BNC female connector for the mobile external antenna.

It is also possible to direct connect to this module, for example to a Mobile Data Terminal, such as the 850 and then extra features become available, such as short messaging service facilities. Fleet management can then not only easily see the vehicle location but also send job map locations direct to the MDT.


The Navman Wireless AVL system provides real time vehicle location for transport and service fleets, trailer units, plant or any mobile unit that requires monitoring. The information provided consists of accurate start and stop times, time spent on sites, customer visits, the route taken, distance traveled and much more ...

As optional extras, the 2 serial ports & 3 digital input/output or analogue input ports provide the flexibility to monitor additional vehicle sensors such as: door, light or temperature sensors or information from PLC’s or RFID readers.

Regardless of whether you operate a large or small fleet, access to this important data will increase your competitive edge.

The Navman Wireless Halo QUBE 2.0 is a low profile vehicle mounted satellite tracking solution with various covert and low profile antenna options to suit every vehicle requirement.

:: Accurate information provides a clearer picture...

The Halo QUBE 2.0 location devices provide:

  • Real-time GPS location
  • Compact, solid, all-in-one unit
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic time/distance activity updates and independent location queries
  • Location, speed, direction, stops, entry/exit to specific areas
  • Time, date, ignition and battery on/off events

The Halo QUBE 2.0 allows connectivity into mobile data devices such as the MDT-850 and M-Nav, which provides better, faster, cheaper two-way text messaging, allowing fast and dependable communication with your fleet.



Clean and completely undamaged - even the mounting rails!



Fully functional prior to removal from the vehicle and the module was then "double checked" standalone, just to confirm GPS receive and Mobile Network access - all good.

Since this testing, I have removed the SIM card. Access to the SIM card slot is behind the front panel.

To remove either front or rear panels requires a posi-drive screwdriver, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear.

There are two batteries used in this module, for memory backup/settings/RTC

Special Note: The GPS module has two batteries, one is a CR2450 3V Lithium coin battery (PCB mounted) and the other (on the GPS sub-board) is a  Panasonic industrial button battery type BR1632A (3V @ 120mAH)

The CR2450 is fine, measures 3.2V

The BR1632A was changed about 8 years ago (!) and now reads 2.95V, although acceptable this does indicate it is "on the way out"

Suppliers of both batteries are not difficult to find.


Tested as described in the description This item is not returnable, UNLESS not as described